Product Review – Silverline 1200W Polisher

I’ve spent a few days with the Silverline 1200W Polisher now, and have managed to polish an entire car (a 2006 Ford Fusion) and cut back some overspray on project MGF. I’m no pro – but after using it I know a lot more than I did. But is it any good? Well..

Yes. Yes indeed. I was tempted by products costing north of £150 but had never taken the plunge, so to find this on Amazon for a mere £42.98 I was dubious. However, the reviews indicated it might well be a great purchase, so I took the plunge. I ordered it with two polishing foam sponges at the same time, and it also came with a buffing head and a sanding disc in the box. It operates from approx. 600rpm on speed setting 1, to 3000rpm on setting 6, according to the manual.

Attaching the arm initially was a bit fiddly as the bolt-holes didn’t line up without persuasion, but the foam-heads attach by hand which is very simple and I was ready to go. I attached it to an extension lead (as you get two-metres max wire) and gingerly applied some Farcela G10 and started to lightly manoeuvre the machine over the Fusion. My initial thoughts were that the machine was quite heavy, but in use the weight felt easy to work with apart from areas where I had to over-reach – such as the roof.  It felt a bit more tiresome to hold when out of my more ‘comfortable’ stance. The fact that it covered the entire car with polish didn’t help my initial thoughts either, but that’s more to do with how I applied the polish rather than it being the machines fault. The whole car was polished and then buffed with the buffing head, and I decided this was probably the best £50 I had ever spent on a car-cleaning product. Its amazing the difference it makes. Yes it has bad points, like the weight at times, the slight vibration in the hands (I’d imagine in part due to its cheaper cost of machine and pads) the splatter and the short cable, but for the price it really is almost perfect.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this as an introduction to polishing, and maybe upgrade a lot further down the line. Just read up and Youtube some techniques first, and you can’t go far wrong. Thumbs up.

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