How self-driving delivery vehicles will end the world

Self-driving lorries are being tested on roads as we speak. They will be super-safe, never need to rest or ever feel tired, can concentrate 110% of the time, and naturally as with most things computer-controlled, will be much, much safer than a lorry with a human behind the wheel, barring the odd Russian-based hack-attack. Continue reading “How self-driving delivery vehicles will end the world”

New Old Car – Mercedes Benz CLS

Can you believe that one of these beauties can be yours from just £4k? These look just as good today as they did when they came out in 2005 and have plenty of extras to get you excited. Can you believe its 12 years old now? Personally I think its better looking then its newer replacement.  Continue reading “New Old Car – Mercedes Benz CLS”

Mobile Sat-Nav: Waze vs Google vs iOS Maps

Its time for a battle between the free phone sat-nav apps, and what a battle it is. With many of us now deciding to use our phone for directions, we asked which one is best, and why? For a test, We drove two very different routes with three phones directing us at the same time. We took notes on search functions, how clear the basic view is when driving and following directions, and then at how well it helped us initially avoid and then divert around an M25 traffic jam. Continue reading “Mobile Sat-Nav: Waze vs Google vs iOS Maps”

Off-Road for £500?

Can you really get wing-mirror deep in mud for only £500? Yes! But lets be honest, you may not get back out again. Genuine 4×4 ability can be had for as little as £400 and listed here is what we found when scouring the ads for something suitable – If not always a strict 4WD set-up. Mileage and condition will vary, but as always, cars and prices found always include an MOT and a running motor. Sorted. Continue reading “Off-Road for £500?”

Chemical Guys – Pete’s 53 Paste Wax review

To date, this is the greatest wax I have used. In the coming months, I will hopefully get my hands on several rivals to test against, but for now at least, Chemical Guys Pete’s 53 holds the number one spot. Continue reading “Chemical Guys – Pete’s 53 Paste Wax review”