Product Review – Bluecol Rain Repellant vs Rain X

Rain X has been the ‘go to’ product for clear windows since time began. I remember hearing about the product many years ago and nothing else ever seems to crop up as an alternative. I decided to take the plunge for the Bluecol product as there was a small price difference, but is it any good? Continue reading “Product Review – Bluecol Rain Repellant vs Rain X”

Product Review – Autosmart Tyre Dandy

I had heard good things about Autosmarts’ Tyre Dandy and was keen to give it a go as it is a quick to apply foam spray, rather than a cream or a gel like some other tyre dressings I have used. But would it work as well and how long would it last? I gave it a go… Continue reading “Product Review – Autosmart Tyre Dandy”

Old Fords To Consider: The Granada/Scorpio MK3

The mid-80s saw the introduction of the MK3 Granada or ‘Scorpio’ if you didn’t live in the UK and what a beast it was. Fords top of the range cruiser came with everything for its time, and was the European production car to feature antilock brakes as standard. Like the S Class of its time. Are you a fan of ruched leather? Of course you are – who isn’t? Continue reading “Old Fords To Consider: The Granada/Scorpio MK3”

The Potential Of Self-Driving Cars

Google’s Automated Car

In a recent article, I predicted that automated delivery vehicles might end the world. That was indeed a very pessimistic view of the new technology, so is there any hope? Well, no. I still believe automated delivery vehicles will destroy us all. Nevertheless, there are small positives that can be had if every car on the road were in fact automated and were able to communicate directly with one another whilst out and about. Here are a few possibilities that have been running through my head. Continue reading “The Potential Of Self-Driving Cars”

Cheap And Topless for £650

It’s that time of year when we all wish we were cruising along a deserted highway in a super-cool American classic. Sadly, the closest most of us will get is opening a window whilst stuck in traffic on the M25. Fear not my friends, from just £300 we have a solution! Your new weekend runabout will enable the wind to tear at your fringe on idyllic country roads, but some might argue at the slight expense of your manlihood. The following cars can be great, however, colour choice here will directly reflect you as a person, so think very very carefully before test-driving that big-bird yellow Tigra. Continue reading “Cheap And Topless for £650”

The Future of Classics for £1000

£1000 for a future classic. Bear in mind that you can’t really lose money unless the condition deteriorates. Generally, these cars have started to rise in value but still remain in reasonable condition for below £1000. Ten years time? We reckon they’ll have doubled. We picked seven cars that can be driven everyday, too. Daily commute in a Volvo 244? Forget James Dean, it is now you that hold the cool-baton at work. Don’t forget that sticker in the rear window. You’re welcome. Continue reading “The Future of Classics for £1000”

ZX1 Extralube

Oil and fuel additives attract huge debate. Some people are in love with the promises that a small bottle can often offer for their car. Others scorn with hate at the mere mention of anything other than fuel or oil in an engine and will fight hard against those who claim the opposite. Its a tough call. I decided to add ZX1 to four separate cars, two petrol, two diesel, both into the oil and into the fuel tank (as directed). Here’s my two cents. Continue reading “ZX1 Extralube”

Huge Engines for £1000

Its amazing what £1k can buy you these days. For the price of a three-piece sofa and footstool, you can have a mega-slice of automobile engine. Think big, think many cylinders and much, much displacement and you’re sort of there. The cars that they reside in aren’t bad either, so see that as sort of a bonus.  Continue reading “Huge Engines for £1000”

Cheap and Quick Fun for £500

Got a monkey in your pocket? Good. Because that’s all you’ll be needing to purchase any one of these cheap and cheerful, relatively quick motors. Sure, most will have been abused, crashed, worn-out or just driven into the ground, but there are exceptions, and careful buyers can find a gem if they look hard enough. So what exactly can you get for £500? Read on… Continue reading “Cheap and Quick Fun for £500”