Product Review – Silverline 1200W Polisher

I’ve spent a few days with the Silverline 1200W Polisher now, and have managed to polish an entire car (a 2006 Ford Fusion) and cut back some overspray on project MGF. I’m no pro – but after using it I know a lot more than I did. But is it any good? Well.. Continue reading “Product Review – Silverline 1200W Polisher”

Product Review – Bluecol Rain Repellant vs Rain X

Rain X has been the ‘go to’ product for clear windows since time began. I remember hearing about the product many years ago and nothing else ever seems to crop up as an alternative. I decided to take the plunge for the Bluecol product as there was a small price difference, but is it any good? Continue reading “Product Review – Bluecol Rain Repellant vs Rain X”

Product Review – Autosmart Tyre Dandy

I had heard good things about Autosmarts’ Tyre Dandy and was keen to give it a go as it is a quick to apply foam spray, rather than a cream or a gel like some other tyre dressings I have used. But would it work as well and how long would it last? I gave it a go… Continue reading “Product Review – Autosmart Tyre Dandy”

ZX1 Extralube

Oil and fuel additives attract huge debate. Some people are in love with the promises that a small bottle can often offer for their car. Others scorn with hate at the mere mention of anything other than fuel or oil in an engine and will fight hard against those who claim the opposite. Its a tough call. I decided to add ZX1 to four separate cars, two petrol, two diesel, both into the oil and into the fuel tank (as directed). Here’s my two cents. Continue reading “ZX1 Extralube”

Chemical Guys – Pete’s 53 Paste Wax review

To date, this is the greatest wax I have used. In the coming months, I will hopefully get my hands on several rivals to test against, but for now at least, Chemical Guys Pete’s 53 holds the number one spot. Continue reading “Chemical Guys – Pete’s 53 Paste Wax review”