Does Anyone Remember How To Wash A Car?

Time. Time is an absolutely stunning piece of work by Hans Zimmer, from the soundtrack to the film Inception. It is a masterful track that frequents the vast majority of my playlists. Apart from that screaming thrash metal one, obviously. Time is also a thing. A very important thing, actually. We plan, work and play according to what those hands are pointing at. Sometimes it’s favourable to us, however most of the time it seems to be passing way too fast, and with a lack of time comes stress. Time, it seems, is something that we don’t seem have enough time to worry about. Time is scarce, time is against us. Continue reading “Does Anyone Remember How To Wash A Car?”

Disposable Motoring

When I was younger, we had a new car every year. Every year. It was my dads way of saving money, he thought. He would spend a maximum of precisely £300, buy a car (usually but not exclusively, a Ford) with 12ish months MOT and a bit of tax, and then sell the car after it failed its MOT 12 months later for £100. Total expenditure for a vehicle year after year, was £200. He was very successful at achieving this, too. Continue reading “Disposable Motoring”

Adding To The Fleet: The Hunt For The Cheapest Running Car Over 24 Months

The hunt has begun. Already four vehicles strong, Garage62 is on the hunt for something cheap. Cheap? How cheap? And cheap in what respect? Well, the challenge has been set to see just how little can be spent on running costs over the course of not just one year, but a solid two… Continue reading “Adding To The Fleet: The Hunt For The Cheapest Running Car Over 24 Months”

Ford, Ghia & The De Tomaso Pantera

Remember those little Ghia wing badges that Fords had in the eighties and nineties? I used to love them. They were a sign that the Ford you were looking at had class. Top spec. A glance through the slightly-tinted window and you’d be looking at seats that looked more comfortable than your favourite sofa. You may notice a smaller than usual hole in the stereo. Yep, that’s a cassette player. Look up my friend and you might see sky.. because this car has got a tilt and slide sunroof. Sheer craziness.

But what exactly was Ghia, and how do we link a 1977 Ford Fiesta to a De Tomaso Pantera? Continue reading “Ford, Ghia & The De Tomaso Pantera”

The Best Luxury Cars for Under £5k

The feeling you get when driving a luxury car is quite something. As you waft along in quiet comfort, it does change how one drives and how one experiences driving in general. Luxury is a luxury, therefore its expensive. But what if you want luxury vehicle, but only have, say, £5000 to spend? You want a prestige brand obviously, and something that looks expensive. With a private plate added and a fresh valet, these cars are spot on for your requirements. Pop that champagne, even if it is from Asda. Continue reading “The Best Luxury Cars for Under £5k”

Old Fords To Consider: The Granada/Scorpio MK3

The mid-80s saw the introduction of the MK3 Granada or ‘Scorpio’ if you didn’t live in the UK and what a beast it was. Fords top of the range cruiser came with everything for its time, and was the European production car to feature antilock brakes as standard. Like the S Class of its time. Are you a fan of ruched leather? Of course you are – who isn’t? Continue reading “Old Fords To Consider: The Granada/Scorpio MK3”

The Potential Of Self-Driving Cars

Google’s Automated Car

In a recent article, I predicted that automated delivery vehicles might end the world. That was indeed a very pessimistic view of the new technology, so is there any hope? Well, no. I still believe automated delivery vehicles will destroy us all. Nevertheless, there are small positives that can be had if every car on the road were in fact automated and were able to communicate directly with one another whilst out and about. Here are a few possibilities that have been running through my head. Continue reading “The Potential Of Self-Driving Cars”