Garage62 has been created to enable real world articles and reviews from real motoring enthusiasts. Unless Jean Todt comes around, you won’t find any track reviews of a Ferrari 599 Speciale. Updates are as often as humanly possible, however, if we manage to hire something non-human, it could get quicker. Hourly? Who are we, Top Gear?

We are very much in our infancy at the moment and posts may seem take an age to appear. However, behind the scenes, articles and original ideas are being developed, so stay tuned for bigger and deeper articles.

Definitions of various categories worth a mention include:

New, Old Car – Cars that are brilliant for one reason or another and that might be worth bearing in mind over a newer car. Think more bang for your buck and this section will work for you rather nicely.

Articles involving cars found online for purchase with a quoted price are always genuine ads from popular places to search cars, and always must include a valid MOT and be able to drive away. Bargains, basically.

Our mission? There is no mission. We are car enthusiasts, not elite commandos. We want to inform visitors of different options, perspectives and reviews of cars and products from genuine ‘car people’. If it hasn’t been used, tried, driven or found, it won’t appear. No saluting required at this time, private.